Pet Insurance

Why Pet Insurance Matters

Pet insurance affords you the opportunity to have financial peace of mind, worrying less about finances when already faced with concern over the care of their furry loved ones.

Pet insurance is very straight-forward and much less complicated than human health insurance. A claim along with an invoice is submitted and the pet insurance will reimburse according to your plan's percentage and deductible.

Pet insurance can be used in any veterinary hospital without referrals or pre-approvals!

Some pet insurance plans even cover examination fees and preventative care such as immunizations!

Finding the Right Pet Insurance

The best time to insure your pet is before the unexpected happens. Waiting until after an illness or accident occurs will leave your pet without the option for coverage.

Some top rated pet insurance companies are Nationwide and Trupanion.

Our staff at Lake Crest Animal Clinic is happy to help provide you with further information as well as brochures.